Tube Heroes University

January 20, 2016

Building upon their successful line of Tube Heroes toys, which place real life authentic and relatable YouTube stars as action heroes, the Tube Heroes University program aims to teach kids about the Digital World by providing tips and advice on what it takes to succeed in the DigitalVerse. Tube Heroes University started on January 7th, 2016 with sponsors CaptainSparklez, AntVenom, ChooChoosGaming, AshleyMarieeGaming (a combined total of over two billion video views), and will continue as an ongoing initiative with many more stars to join.

The Tube Heroes will share information with fans on how to create videos and vlogs, find fun topics, engage with their audience, stand out from the crowd by keeping it real, get discovered and much more. By sharing a roadmap based on the success stories of the Stars of the DigitalVerse who have already made it to the next level, Tube Heroes University aims to help the community of aspiring digital stars to reach both creative and digital goals that are attainable.

The program will be taught by the Tube Heroes themselves through a variety of methods: engaging videos, informative vlogs, tutorials, entertaining stop motion animations, apps, contests, and more. The curriculum will kick-off with a DIY Stop Motion app where kids can learn how to turn their still figures into animated clips. Easy and fun to use, this app will be taught by CaptainSparklez and Jerry the Slime. The program will then continue with a Create Your Avatar app, where kids will be able to come up with their own special DigitalVerse character.

"We believe Tube Heroes has seen such success because it connects people with very relatable and attainable digital stars," says Laura Zebersky, Chief Commercial Officer, Jazwares LLC. "We hope that Tube Heroes University will continue this initiative by providing the everyday aspiring Tube Hero with the tools and practical advice needed to accomplish their creative and digital goals. Having the tips and tricks come from their already favorite Tube Heroes is really something magical and invaluable, and allows fans to interact with digital stars on a whole new level."