JazWings Surpasses Panda-a-Panda Kickstarter Goal in less than 48 Hours

February 12, 2016

HONG KONG & SUNRISE, FL- January 20, 2016 - JazWings, who has partnered with Panda-a- Panda to launch Hong Kong’s beloved brand worldwide, have surpassed their funding goal in less than 48 hours since the launch of their Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign was started to help fund the creation of Panda-a-Panda’s first-ever stop motion animation and introduce the brand to the rest of the world. However, the JazWings team feels they can achieve even more. As backers continue to fund the campaign, JazWings will release new and exciting stretch goals such as digital comics, extra stop motion animation videos, and more.

JazWings is extremely excited to have exceeded expectations on this campaign. JazWings plans to continue to promote the campaign to build even more momentum for the Panda-a-Panda brand and for its disruptive new idea incubator platform that helps creators bring their ideas to life.

Jazwares, the global toy company behind JazWings, is set to pick up Panda-a-Panda as one of its own brands. Panda-a-Panda is the first brand to launch from the JazWings platform with many more to follow this year.

Panda-a-Panda has already produced over 600 comic strips since its creation and now, with the support of JazWings, Jazwares, and over a hundred backers, will produce its very first stop motion animation and launch its product line worldwide.

Find out what the Panda-monium is all about by supporting the campaign here