Jazwares Partners with USP Studios

January 30, 2017

Jazwares/Jazwings Announce Groundbreaking YouTube Content Partnership with USP Studios

Jazwares, LLC has announced a groundbreaking new partnership with USP Studios, one of the world's foremost creators of online animated content for kids. Through this strategic partnership, Jazwares has obtained the licensing rights for USP Studios original properties that air exclusively on YouTube. In addition, JazWings®, the innovative idea incubation arm of Jazwares, and USP Studios will develop animated content based on exciting new brands in the JazWings incubation program to air on YouTube.

With billions of views and growing, animated shows by USP Studios are known by kids and parents worldwide. Jazwares and USP Studios, recognizing the way in which kids consume content, believe that products based on YouTube brands will play an increasingly large role in the toy industry in the future. "Jazwares is one of the leaders in licensed products industry. We are looking to the future with this partnership between Jazwares and USP Studios to set a trend in the kids content and toy space. With YouTube emerging as a number one destination for kids globally, this should help us break new ground in the way brands will be launched," stated Uday Phoolka, Founder and Director of USP Studios.

Beyond a traditional licensing program with Jazwares, JazWings and USP Studios are also innovating the way new brands are built from the ground up. "We couldn't be more excited to partner with USP Studios. USP has built some of the most successful kids channels on YouTube with millions of followers. They have accomplished this through beautiful animation and captivating storytelling.  With new brand ideas coming from the Jazwings' community, the ability for USP to create great original content is endless," stated Judd Zebersky, CEO and President of Jazwares.

Through JazWings, Jazwares and USP Studios are looking to tap into the global creative community to build the next great properties. "JazWings has always been an incredible opportunity for creators and inventors from around the world to make their ideas real by partnering with a global toy company," says Karen Kilpatrick, Vice President of JazWings. "Our new partnership with USP Studios expands the ways in which we are able to work with creators to bring ideas to life. It is an exciting and unprecedented approach that gives creators access and resources like never before."

Multiple projects are already in the works with new releases launching as early as this spring.

About Jazwares, LLC

With its focus on creativity, innovation and quality, Jazwares has established itself as a well-respected leader in the licensed products industry. Delivering diverse lines of toys and consumer electronics, the company's products feature some of the best entertainment properties in the world. Today, through the expertise of its brand teams, Jazwares continues to offer a wide array of merchandise at major retailers globally. Jazwares' portfolio includes: Minecraft™, Animal Jam™, Peppa Pig™, Ben & Holly™, Weebles™, Chuck & Friends™, Chuggington™, Dino Train™, Roblox™, RWBY™ and Tube Heroes™ among others. Jazwares' goal is to invent toys and related products that are new to the marketplace, featuring the brands kids want at affordable prices. For more information about Jazwares, please visit www.jazwares.com.

About USP Studios 

Founded by Uday Singh Phoolka, in fall of 2013, the USP Studios is home to more than 50 animated characters designed for making learning a fun activity spread over 500 channels. It was set up with a motto to develop and promote e-learning for young audiences across the globe while making it easily accessible. Initiated to educate and entertain kids, with over 12 billion views, and growing, USP Studios is one of the top three 'Kids video content' producers worldwide.

USP Studios ensures it is able to connect with its customers better by producing content in more than 25 languages. An extremely qualified and highly experienced team is responsible for the entire production of all the content that goes online under the USP banner. Today, the organization is listed as one among the few preferred partners for Google.  www.uspstudios.co

About JazWings

JazWings is the innovative platform that invites creators to submit their ideas for animation, stories/comics, lifestyle brands, characters, games, and toys for an opportunity to partner with a global toy company to make them real. It is a team of passionate industry professionals who want to support independent creators. It is a community of creators, innovators, inventors, and fans who want to be a part of supporting creativity and the next big thing. Additional details at www.jazwings.com.